Easily Trigger Safety Checks During Crisis Under 60 seconds!

The ‘AreYouSafe?’ bot is your personalized crisis management assistant. Ideal for safety admins and HR teams to set up and use during emergencies.

Use our bot to know the status of your employees affected by a major incident.‘AreYouSafe?’ bot helps you offer assistance to your employees in need by providing real-time updates to you about their safety status.


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Want real time safety checks on your fingertips?

Keeping track of employees’ safety throughout a major incident can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team of talented safety experts has created ‘AreyouSafe?’ to help you

  • Easily personalize incident management
  • Quickly reach out to your employees during a crisis
  • Improve emergency response amid major incidents with real-time reports

You will not need to buy or install additional software or maintain servers. Our bot will work from within your existing Slack or Teams environment Now, stop wondering if your employees are safe. Get the answer with AreYouSafe?.


How it works

Create Your Safety Checks Under A Minute In 3 Steps!

  • Create a safety check during a major incident
  • Send incident notifications to affected employees
  • Review the safety status of employees to reach out and help them


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$0 /user/month

  ✓ Up to 10 users

  ✓ All features


$0.5 /user/month

  ✓ Unlimited users

  ✓ All features

  ✓ Priority technical support


Who we are

We Are A Team of Domain and Technology Experts focused on Workplace Safety

AreYouSafe? empowers the workplace with safety checks. We believe in building the foundation of safety and security at work.

We’re a group of safety and technology professionals. We’ve specialized knowledge and experience in the employee health and safety domain.

Let’s create a safer work environment together!


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